Ontario Truss & Wall's Commitment to Respecting your Privacy

Ontario Truss & Wall Ltd. complies thoroughly with the Personal Information, Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). All personal information collected and used is for our business purposes only and information is disclosed only in accordance with our Privacy policy as contained herein.

Ontario Truss & Wall's Privacy Policy and Procedures (pdf)
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
Workplace Accessibility (pdf)

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Message to our Customers:

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, our Company collects your personnel information for selling, delivery of products, billing purposes as well as providing occasional customer appreciation services. We also may require your credit information so we can assess your credit which allows us to serve you better. We never disclose this information without your expressed consent.

Message to our Employees:

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we collect your personnel information for the purpose of processing your employment, payroll and group benefit needs. On a less formal note we also use this information to extend to you birthday and seasonal greetings. This information is required for disclosure to several mandatory government agencies such as: Receiver General for T-4s, HRDC for Records of Employment and Monthly Hiring reports and Workplace Safety Insurance Board for Accident Reporting. We do not disclose any other information without your expressed consent.

Contact Us:

Please let us know if you object to any of the uses or disclosures mentioned above. As well, if you have any questions on our policy or if you would like to request access to your personal information from Ontario Truss & Wall Ltd. please contact our Privacy Representative:

Juanita Hart, HB Comm, CGA
(613)966-8137 (101)
Toll Free: 800-461-6898
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